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There are people behind every business

In personal life and at work, we try to be a good people – it makes it all much easier. We like to create beer.

The craft we make has it to itself that people are part of it. Thanks to it, we collect  a lot of experience, we make new relationships, we travel, we laugh, we discover – that’s how we want to live.

We respect each other and we always remember that behind every business there are people.

We are on the market since 2015

So far we have released 15 beers in different variations, if the voice of the people decides – beer stays on our offer permanently, we are constantly looking for new flavors, we make beers that we like ourselves.

Our visual identification is distinguished by minimalism and geometry, we value simple and valuable things. We take care of details and do not accept half-ways - if you do something, do it well.

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